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  • We trust on expert hands

    We look to the future, with the wealth of knowledge of yesterday. This is Première Maison. Artisans that tell the best footwear tradition through their hands. An invaluable professional background, to treasure.

  • We pay attention to every detail

    Care for detail and attention to particular are the cornerstones of the brand Première Maison. Values present in all production steps and, inevitably, in the finished product. The result of our work, original and handmade, describes the real made in Italy who teach in the whole world.

  • We select the best materials

    The raw materials, carefully selected after a meticulous research, are joined by the ideas and originality of our designers, creating unique products of their kind. Structure and background reflect the qualities that only the most authentic history of Italian craftsmanship can guarantee.

    Welcome to the World Première Maison.